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Projeto Lorenzato aims for the continuous digital identification and cataloging of the work of Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato (1900-1995). His practice, which began in the 1920s, went a long way until 1964 – the paintings prior to 1948, when he returned to Brazil, were destroyed during World War II –, when he presented some works to the art critics Sérgio Maldonado and Palhano Júnior, responsible for organizing his first individual exhibitions.

Extremely important for the panorama of Brazilian painting in the 20th century, Lorenzato amalgamates in his poetics autobiographical aspects with Brazilian aesthetic and cultural expressions, simultaneously attentive to the scenario of international modern painting. His pictorial sensibility revisits a diversity of imaginary, but no less authentic, landscapes. Figurative or abstract, they emerge from a vivid reality, but also awaken an affective and nostalgic memory. The project, developed for open consultation and on a non-profit basis, is supported by Itaú Cultural.

Support by Itaú Cultural

This catalog has a great simplicity. Just by reading how Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato (1900-1995) described his creative process, it’s enough to notice it: “Art is a hobby for me”, he said in the book Lorenzato – circuito atelier (2004), “it is a therapy that helps me to live”. Asked what his style was, he replied: “I don’t even know what style it is. It’s painting!” As for his themes, he said: “I really like the sky, trees and roads”. That is all.

Throughout the records, we see how this amusement – this therapeutic practice, this pleasure of seeing the world – unfolded. The paintings (from still lifes to portraits), sculptures, experiments with unusual materials (wire, cardboard, etc) – the entire range of Lorenzato’s creativity is displayed in this space.

The development of this project is part of a series of actions by Itaú Cultural aiming to promote Brazilian visual arts and preserving its memory. The organization supported, for example, books on Roberto Magalhães and exhibitions around the work of Véio, Sebastião Salgado, Tunga and Arthur Bispo do Rosário. In addition to physical shows, virtual exhibitions are held, available at itaucultural.org.br.

On the website, it is still possible to access the schedule of our headquarters, in São Paulo, as well as online events. Also check out the Enciclopédia Itaú Cultural (enciclopedia.itaucultural.org.br), which gathers basic information to understand the artists and the artistic scene in the country.

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